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#1 QRIDE Training Provider in Queensland for Over 8 Years - Brisbane / Sunshine Coast

Q-Ride Rider Training Centres

BRISBANE - ph: 07 3277 0722 and SUNSHINE COAST - ph: 07 5445 8866

If you're asking "WHO can help me to get my motorcycle licence?"...

Pro Motorcycles Q-Ride Rider Training Centres offer quality, professional QRide Training in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast, 7 days a week at our QRide Rider Training Facilities. We offer QRide Rider Training Courses for everyone from the novice with no motorcycle riding experience through to advanced motorcycle riders.

Discover the passion burning within you to be on a motorcycle and enjoying the freedom, the fun and the enduring friendships that you will unlock when you become a motorcycle rider with the help of QRide Rider Training.

WHERE are our QRide Rider Training facilities located...?

    MOOROOKA (Brisbane)...

    Our Brisbane QRide Training Facility is situated at Pro Motorcycles Honda, 1019 Ipswich Road MOOROOKA Q 4105. This QRide Facility is fully enclosed and used only by QRide Rider Training students. It allows the students to concentrate on their Motorcycle Riding Training in a safe, private environment.

    KUNDA PARK (Sunshine Coast)...

    Our Sunshine Coast QRide Training Facility is situated a short distance from Pro Motorcycles Honda Sunshine Coast, 4 Pike St, KUNDA PARK Q 4556. This QRide Facility allows the students to concentrate on their Motorcycle Riding Training in a safe environment.

WHEN can you join us for a QRide session... ?

WHAT do you need, to be able to do QRide... ?

  • Learners / Novices - To attend you will require your 'RE' LEARNERS LICENCE which you will need to obtain from Queensland Transport (QT). This must be endorsed on your durrent drivers licence prior to QRide Rider Training.
  • Advanced - You must already have your 'RE' LICENCE and have held this for 12 months to enrol to complete your 'R' LICENCE.
  • Gear: You need long pants and enclosed shoes. Included in the price is the use of a bike, insurance, helmet, jacket and gloves. If you have your own helmet and or jacket you may bring those items or you can purchase any of these items from our stores at a discounted rate before you start your QRide Rider Training.

The QRide Rider Training Course is a competency based course where we provide both QRide Rider Training and assessment for obtaining a motorcycle licence. Time taken will depend on previous motorcycle riding experience. E.g. Someone who is currently riding regularly would generally only need one day of Rider Training. Someone who has not ridden for 20 or more years may require two days and someone who has never ridden will take at least 2 days to reach competent level.

HOW much does QRide Rider Training cost...?

  • $200 per day Monday to Friday*
  • $230 per day Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays*
  • Group bookings available
  • * NOTE: All QRide Rider Training courses are capped at $600 regardless of the number of days required to complete. This means you can concentrate on learning and not on your back pocket.

Completion of QRide Rider Training... When our trainers have assessed you as competent we issue you a Certificate of Competency which you will need to present to Queesnland Transport (QT) for endorsement. Only after QT has endorsed your licence with the new class do you become legal to ride. There is no additional cost to have the endorsement done by QT.

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