2018 Honda Goldwing Tasmania

Check out this line-up – The 2018 Honda Goldwing riding Tasmania

WOW! Is all I have to say about the 2018 Honda Goldwing!

I flew back yesterday after 4 days in Tasmania playing with the new 2018 Honda Goldwing Tour and Tour Premium! We rode basically a full circuit of the Island and then some in the middle too! Roads in Tassie I must say were exceptional. A lot of varying roads were experienced, ranging from flat sweeping roads to steep hill climbs and descents, open straights, tight and twisties, 7 degrees to 25 degrees! So a damn good mix!

The Goldwing was amazing! Yes I’m a Honda dealer and everyone expects me to say it was good, but I’m a rider, usually ride 1000cc sports bikes, so I’m not easily impressed and anyone that knows me knows I would rather shut my mouth than rave about something I didn’t like!

I like the Goldwing, alot!

I’ve racked up some hours now on the new bike over two days of riding, so it’s not a quick whim that I enjoyed the bike. Day 1 started with myself being taught how to use the Apple play and connecting my headset and phone. I was spoiled with Daryl Beattie setting up mine. Once connected, if you’ve ever used Apple Play in a car, it’s the same! Access to phone, Maps and so much more! Fantastic!

There’s a large dial in the middle of the bars that you can use to scroll through or you can use the buttons on the left bar with 4 directional buttons and a button to select. When riding, the system restricts your ability to go through contacts, purely for safety purposes, also stopping the use of the large dial. Obviously they want you watching the road! I run an I Phone 7 and used a Scala headset and all worked amazing!

The ride itself on day 1 took us from our motel, Peppers Seaport resort Launceston, up to Bridport for a coffee break, down the east coast through St Helens on the Tasman Hwy to Swansea, down to the Grand Chancellor motel at Hobart!

Day 2 was a chilly 7 degree start to the day, so the heated grips and heated seat got a work out! With 7 temperature settings, it was easy to get the exact warmth I was after. The screen is fully electronic so where I’d had it set low on day 1, I had it fully extended on day 2, so I was plenty warm enough!

We headed across towards Strahan, then Glyn Griffith from Honda Australia who was leading the ride, took us on what felt like a maze of roads (I just followed) so I’m not really sure of the exact route, but we took in some amazing countryside up into the ranges where I’m told by a Cabby on the way to the airport on my return were built by the mining and Dam companies, so they are very good! Incredibly tight and twisty with very steep inclines and declines! All the while the Goldwing (I was on the top of the line Tour Premium DCT) cornered and braked like a bike half its size!

The transmission was incredible! Ferrari, Porsche, Lambo etc all use a similar technology in their high performance cars, so it’s no surprise Honda have bought it to the Goldwing! The bike has 4 ride modes: Tour, Sport, Economy and rain! Each changes the level of power available, shift characteristics & suspension!! You have the option of manual shift using paddles on the left bar and you can even override the auto (within reason) using the paddles!

Walk feature is brilliant and was used a bit at the motels. Push the walk feature while stopped and you can move the bike forward or back using one shift paddle for forward, one for reverse, all at walking speed. Don’t need to touch the throttle! If by accident you did, nothing happens. The bike still just walks and revs don’t change! Very clever!

Panniers and top box are all push button to open, but only work if the smart key is in range! Suspension worked incredibly well everywhere, simply touring as the bikes designed to or even if you decide to up the pace and ride it like a sports bike which we tried as well and it was more than up to the task, a huge surprise! It’s very capable at everything! The Goldwing also never felt lacking in the braking department! They were very strong every time!

Clearly being a massive 1833cc opposing 6 cylinder engine, the bike has grunt. How much grunt though, matched to the massive diet the Goldwing’s been on, yet another surprise!

I could go on and on, I was impressed. That’s it! An absolutely incredible bike that Honda are and should be very proud of!

Now all you need is to ride one for yourself! My demo should be back over in the next week or so (being freighted from Tassy isn’t always the quickest) but we’ll contact you once it’s back and you definitely should have a ride!

Did I say WOW!!!

Special Thanks to the team at Honda Australia: Daryl, Glyn, Glen, Nick, Rob and Sam!

I would also like to thank Peppers Seaport resort Launceston and the Grand Chancellor in Hobart for their exceptional service!

While in Launceston we ate dinner at the Mud Bar restaurant and Levee Food co at Peppers Seaport resort on our two nights there and meals were absolutely sensational, as they were when we stayed at Hobart’s Grand Chancellor, dining at Restaurant Tasman!

Jason Conroy – Dealer Principal Pro Motorcycles Moorooka

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