Liquid-cooled 149cc,4-stroke engine offers unrivalled performance and ease of use.

Lightweight, compact, internal auto decompression and handlebar-mounted hot-start system provide easy starting, hot or cold

Crankshaft is made of high-strength, low-carbon steel with carburised main journals for maximum durability at sustained high-rpm operation

Forged 11.7:1-compression slipper piston and rings are lighter than a conventional design, revving quickly while maintaining excellent cylinder sealing and high-rpm power

Double-carburised connecting rod utilizes a big-end needle bearing for maximum high-rpm performance and durability

Press-fitted aluminum spark plug pipe fits between the two exhaust rocker arms, further contributing to compact cylinder-head design

32mm Keihin FCR carburetor features four rollers on the flat slide, resulting in very light throttle effort, smooth operation, crisp throttle response and excellent rideability

Carburetor features a throttle position sensor (TPS) that helps maintain a linear throttle response throughout the range

Vertically split crankcases feature a built-in oil pump, reducing weight compared to a conventional design

Dual radiators feature a refined core area for improved heat dissipation compared to conventional dual-radiator design

Gear-driven balancer reduces vibration and drives the water pump. A six-disc clutch provides the surface area necessary to handle the engine’s impressive torque while carefully matched clutch springs provide a light feel at the lever

Durable close-ratio five-speed transmission