2022 Honda CB500FA

Honda’s LAMS approved naked CB500F has received major performance-focussed improvements in suspension, brakes, weight distribution and handling. Redesigned wheels and a lighter radiator save weight and new fuel injection settings improve engine character.

Similar to those found on the bigger CB650R, the brand-new Showa 41mm Separate Function Fork Big Piston (SFF-BP) inverted forks, clamped by new top and bottom yokes, deliver sporty handling performance. By dividing the functions – Big Piston pressure separation damper in one leg, spring mechanism in the other – reaction and ride quality are both improved.
The rear shock absorber’s spring rate and damping settings have been optimised to match the new forks, ensuring excellent response. 5-stage preload adjustment is standard.
The redesigned swingarm is now constructed from 2mm steel (previously 2.3mm) and employs a hollow cross member and redesigned chain guard. Stiffer rotationally, it is also more flexible laterally to improve handling.
Braking performance has also been improved. The single 320mm and two-piston caliper front brake from the previous model has been replaced by dual 296mm discs and Nissin radial-mount, two-piston calipers. The smaller discs not only keep any additional weight gain to a minimum, but also reduce the required pressure on the lever when braking.
More weight is placed on the front wheel compared to the previous model to promote more nimble handling and improve front end grip. Front/rear bias percentage is now 49.7/50.3 (previously 46.8/53.2). Sports oriented riding is also enhanced by new aluminium footpegs.
Updated PGM-FI fuel injection settings improve torque feel and character without compromising performance, while a new radiator design contributes to weight saving, with no loss of cooling efficiency.