2021 CB650R

The LAMS approved CB650R joins Honda’s refreshed naked motorcycle line-up, mixing café racer inspirations with an ultra-minimalist look under its “Neo Sports Café” design theme.

Honda has always thrived on exploring new boundaries in technology, design and engineering to create motorcycles that inhabit new spaces in the marketplace.

The ‘Neo Sports Café’ range is one such project, born to explore facilitating new rider preferences and needs. Steered by retro- industrial minimalism, they have stripped everything back and adapted a host of textured metal finishes and an ultra-minimalist look that results is a machine with a unique identity, a fusion of Sport Naked and bare-boned Café Racer inspirations. The CB1000R and CB300R came first and appealed to riders within their respective engine capacity ranges but one obvious segment remained for the new aesthetic to find expression: the competitive naked middleweight arena.

For 2021, the CB650R receives a host of upgrades including:

• New Showa Separate Function Big Piston (SFF-BP) USD forks (CB/CBR);
• New rear mudguard/number plate mount (CB/CBR);
• Handlebar angle increased for easier low-speed maneuvering (CB).