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KTM RC 390 2017

KTM RC 390 2017

RRP $ 5255


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Adventure Touring

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KTM Motorcycles Sunshine Coast

Are you ‘Ready to Race?’ This is the KTM catch cry of the adrenalin charged owners lucky enough to own a KTM RC8R, 350EXC-F or the 990 Adventure R. “Ready to Race” is much more than just a rather nice advertising slogan KTM stands for high quality Motorcycles.

Every Motorcycle is uncompromisingly developed and tested in the tough world of motor racing. In order to stay up front in the racing scene, KTM depends on the highest quality components and an optimal weight performance ratio. This results in a unique off and on road riding sensation that makes the brand stand out against all others.

Throughout KTM’s proud history, they have been on the leading edge of motorcycle technology. They were the first manufacturer to produce a liquid-cooled 4 stroke motorcycle engine for an off road motorcycle, a design which has since been replicated by all other manufacturers.

In 1986, KTM became the first motorcycle manufacturer to include both front and rear disc brakes on an off road motorcycles. They were also the first to offer hydraulic clutch mechanisms on all models of motorcycles, and were the first to offer a competition-ready supermoto bike. Pro Motorcycles is “Ready to Race” on the Sunshine Coast 07 5445 8866.

Sunshine Coast KTM & HONDA 07 5445 8866 4 Pike St, Kunda Park
Brisbane HONDA 07 3277 0722 1019 Ipswich Rd, Moorooka