Australia’s most gruelling desert race, the Finke is set to kick off June 8th


The team at Pro Motorcycles Sunshine Coast are proud to be part of Dan Gordon’s journey. Dan purchased his 2018 KTM 500 EXC-F from our Sunny Coast store. Race prepped and sponsored by Richardson’s Transport, Full Force race components, Pro Motorcycles and KTM Australia. Dan is set to compete in Class 2, 450cc and above.



There’s more to to prepping for the Finke than pimping your bike and gaining sponsors!


Levi Van Pan Huis from 547 Sport Performance shares his take on getting Dan Gordon Finke ready.

The Finke desert race is one of Australia’s toughest motorsport events. Not only is it a 220km race against 750 other bike competitors, it is a battle between the mind, body and machine of the competitors. At 547 Sport Performance, we are the only motorbike dedicated training program in South East Queensland, with facilities and knowledge to create programs and exercises tailored to the demands of any motorbike racer or recreational rider.

Having competed in the race previously in 2014 as a trainer we had the first-hand experience of the physical demands of the race.

Combining this prior race knowledge and university study as an exercise scientist we began putting wheels into motion for Dan Gordon and his 2018 Finke assault. Having previously worked with us leading into his first attempt in 2017 we knew the earlier we could start the better. Given a short break after the 2017 season we started an 8-month training calendar. We covered all aspects of training that Dan would need for the race whilst also giving consideration to work and life commitments. Structured cardiovascular training both on and off the bike, gym programming specific to the demands placed on the body during racing, mental and nutritional preparation. Not only have we aimed to get Dan as strong as possible to avoid arm pump and back pain, two of the most common factors playing on riders. But to eliminate or reduce any chances of injuries.

It’s safe to say there has been weeks where we haven’t seen eye to eye.

But it’s the dedication from Dan to not only his result but to his sponsors BD Richardson transport and Golden Tyre that have kept him digging through the sweat and tears. Leading up to the 2018 Finke we have taken control of every controllable variable of the race. So all that’s left to do is for Dan to hold his KTM 500EXC on the throttle stop there and back!

Follow Dan Gordon on Instagam/94djg and Facebook/dan.gordon.790 to see the Sunny Coast rider giving the Finke all he’s got.

Thinking you’d like to get yourself ride fit. Get in touch with Levi Van Pan Huis at 547 Sport Performance via Instagram/547sportsperformance or Facebook/547sportsperformance.