for Glen from Pro Motorcycles Sunshine Coast!

After spending the morning on our new Honda CB1000R which he loved, the afternoon was spent on the new KTM 790 Duke!

Here’s his thoughts. . .

Really… could my day get any better???

I have just returned from my first decent ride on the all new 2018 Honda CB1000R, & it is fantastic! Proper old school built in Japan quality & refinement. It doesn’t take very long to appreciate the build quality or the performance that this gem has in spades. Personally I think this is the best naked bike on the market today hands down! Comfy, torquey, handling straight out of the box is excellent and it looks sooooo good in the flesh. But in saying that , I returned to Pro Motorcycles Sunshine Coast to find this little pocket rocket sitting there patiently waiting for some attention… the things we have to endure!

The new 2018 KTM 790 Duke aka “the Scapel” & boy does this thing impress in corners. The Duke is so Small & agile!!! Amazing in the tight stuff, flickable, precise & exceptionally torquey for such a small motor & it has all the bells & whistles. TC Off, yes Paul & Jason I said TC Off… ABS super moto mode, Power Sport, Quick Shifter On, now hang on & stop giggling like a teenager with his first… well you know. This thing is a weapon & in the right hands, not mine obviously, you would be hard pressed to catch it let alone get anywhere near it in its natural habitat, the damn thing could even go touring its that good!!! Now that I’ve had my fun & wasted everyone’s time dribbling on, which one would I buy?Hmmm tough question, but I can Honestly say “I’ll have one of each in Black with all the fruit!”

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